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The Internet of Things (IOT) | Medium | 2021

The Internet of Things (IOT) by Dylanna Fisher.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is one-way technology connects us more with the world around us. These are items with the capabilities of the Internet, sensors, cameras, thermometers, and so much more. These are things that even two decades ago seemed like Science Fiction that you would only see in Star Trek or Doctor Who. It makes life easier, more convenient, and more informational. Traditionally the Internet of Things reduces the time and workforce it typically takes.

Although it brings more information and convenience, it also brings more access. That’s the primary concern. Anything used within the Internet of Things can easily be hacked, manipulated, or used against its owners. The consequences increase or change depending on what another person has access to and what the intentions are.

Wearable technology is a fantastic work of technology because it is technology and information literally at your fingertips. TVs, radios, cars, homes, furniture, and appliances are equipped with sensors that connect to the Internet. One can run into issues with wearable tech: accuracy and information security. There are several cases of home monitoring systems (security systems, baby monitors, live streaming television, etc.) being remotely hacked into to see the daily goings-on of the household. With that information, someone could be stalking your home, selling the content online, and much worse. There are many other concerns and challenges, but that is the one that most consumers are concerned about. The average person needs more technical skills online, leaving them feeling even more vulnerable.

The Internet of Things began a couple of years back but has made immense progress in the past years. There are several examples of IoT technologies. The porn industry is highly adaptable to new and upcoming technology, including IoT.

VR Technology is one of the first significant technological developments that made more than just a video. Based upon the combination of glasses and a screen, VR tech has let its viewers become a part of the action. Pornhub is one of the biggest supporters of VR tech, with a whole category dedicated to it (Pornhub, 2021). We-Vibe is one example of a long-distance sex toy that combines typical sex toys such as vibrators and dildos with the abilities and control of wireless controllers through an app. Sexfit is a sexual version of a fitness tracker. This device is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to track sexual performance and a pedometer. It also assists in maintaining erections and improving sexual performance.

As an e-commerce manager, adopting and adapting these technologies is vital.

Technological advancements are a significant stepping stone for any business, and taking advantage of technological advancements is the key to success. In the previous examples, each wearable technology has brought the company forward into the next tech era.


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