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Spurs and Stripes: Cowboys, Art, and a Love for Both | Comicosity | 2020

The article discusses a webcomic called "Spurs and Stripes" and its creator, RedHerring (or Red), who is primarily a horror writer but wanted to venture into creating a cowboy romance webcomic. Red combines her love for the Western lifestyle and her passion for art to create this unique project.

Spurs and Stripes: Cowboys, Art, and a Love for Both by Dylanna Fisher

In this article, I proudly showcase my exceptional writing skills and unwavering dedication to providing relevant content for the LGBTQ community. Through my captivating webcomic "Spurs and Stripes," I confidently engage readers with a thought-provoking narrative that explores a gay romance while promoting inclusivity and celebrating diverse experiences.

My traditional anime-style artwork expertly adds depth and personality to the characters, elevating the overall reading experience. Above all, I am deeply committed to representing LGBTQ voices and making a valuable contribution toward a more diverse literary landscape.


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