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Journalism Articles | Medium | 2019 - 2022

Welcome to my journalism world on, where I have published various articles that delve into fascinating topics and spark engaging conversations.

Among my featured works are:

"Case Study of Commercial Law in Action; Rights and Responsibilities of The Commercial World" (April 17, 2021): This article explores the intricate dynamics of commercial law, shedding light on the rights and responsibilities within the commercial sphere. "Fandoms Saving The World One Altruistic Step At A Time; Online Activism Within The Supernatural Fandom" (January 18, 2021): Delve into the world of online activism within the Supernatural fandom, discovering how fans come together to make a positive impact. "Disc Golf Q&A With Tim Plamondon" (June 7, 2022): Join me in a Q&A session with Tim Plamondon, where we explore the fascinating world of disc golf. "Exploring Edmonton Disc Golf; Profile Of Tim Plamondon" (June 7, 2022): Take a closer look at Edmonton's exciting disc golf scene as we profile the talented player Tim Plamondon. "Print Vs. Digital; Comics Vs. Webcomics; What’s The Difference? (January 17, 2021): Discover the nuances between traditional print comics and the emerging world of webcomics, exploring their unique qualities. "The Gay Side Of Pornhub; An Opinion Piece " (April 5, 2019): Engage with an opinion piece that delves into the LGBTQ+ representation and perspectives within adult entertainment. "Canadian Amber Alert Infographic" (April 6, 2019): Explore a visually informative infographic shedding light on the Canadian Amber Alert system.

These articles represent just a sample of my work on, where I cover a wide range of thought-provoking and informative topics. Feel free to explore and engage with my writing and join the conversation!

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