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Business Cards | The Divining & Domestic Diva | 2021

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Business Cards created by Dylanna Fisher for Starria Roe

As a marketing graphic designer, it is my responsibility to help Starria Roe launch their freelancing enterprises with eye-catching branding. The project includes The Domestic Diva, and the Divining Diva. Every company needs a distinctive visual identity since each serves a diverse audience. Starrio Roe's portfolio is meant to attract new customers and build a solid freelance business presence by showcasing her skills.

1. Starria Roe, the Divining Diva: The Divining Diva, Starria Roe, specializes in divination services such as pendulum readings, esoteric charting, tarot readings, and spirit guide consultations. The mystical and intuitive quality of divination will be reflected in Starria Roe's graphic branding. The elements will entice potential customers by convincingly communicating Starria Roe's expertise in prophecy.

2. The Domestic Diva: The Domestic Diva specializes in clutter reduction, cleaning, sorting, and organization. These successfully convey The Domestic Diva's capacity to design aesthetically pleasing and well-organized living areas, attracting potential consumers seeking help with home organization.

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