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A Dragon Horde | Jennifer Wolfe | 2022 - Now

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Stock photography and marketing coordination for A Dragon Horde by Dylanna Fisher

Owned and operated by a Canadian woman, A Dragon Horde is a unique venture that combines the worlds of stock photography and marketing with an enchanting twist. Led by the talented Jennifer Wolfe, this innovative company is on a mission to create whimsical and offbeat jewelry that resonates with individuals who adore cute and quirky designs. With a focus on attending markets throughout Alberta, Jennifer brings her creative vision to life, delighting customers with her creations.

What sets A Dragon Horde apart is the commitment to bringing joy and wonder to their customers. The jewelry collection reflects a whimsical spirit, with designs that embrace the unexpected and celebrate the beauty of individuality. From adorable creatures to quirky characters, each piece is meticulously crafted to tell a story and spark the imagination.

Stock Photography for A Dragon Horde

In Dylanna Fisher's stock photography, every piece of jewelry is meticulously highlighted, highlighting the intricate artisanship and unique design elements that define A Dragon Horde's collection. The gothic jewelry, with its dark allure and intricate details, is captured in a way that conveys its mysterious and elegant essence.

Prepare to be enchanted by the charming and offbeat creations and experience the excitement of being part of a startup making waves in the industry.

Marketing Coordinator for A Dragon Horde

Join A Dragon Horde on this extraordinary journey, where passion, creativity, and quirkiness collide to create truly exceptional jewelry that will make you smile, stand out, and embrace your inner whimsy.

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