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A close-up photograph of a pole standing at the edge of a sidewalk, adorned with numerous rusted staples. These weathered staples serve as a testament to the countless posters that have been affixed to this urban fixture. For unique marketing beyond conventional methods, reach out to
An image capturing a residential sidewalk in Edmonton, Alberta. The scene depicts a typical neighborhood, with houses lining the street and trees providing shade. Experience the essence of urban living in this charming Canadian city.
A product photo showcasing a vibrant sticker from a coloring book company. This original photograph, captured by Dylanna Fisher, reveals the intricate details and colorful design of the sticker. Dive into the world of creativity and self-expression with this delightful sticker.

About Dylanna Fisher

Hi there, my name is Dylanna Fisher. I am a writer, creator, and marketer who is committed to bringing people together through the power of words and visuals. My passion for writing began early and I pursued it through my academic studies. I earned a degree in communication with a journalism major from MacEwan University. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients and organizations such as Great West Publishing, Zag Creative, NAIT, and the Institute of Investigative Journalism. 


I am based in Edmonton and offer a range of freelance communication services such as writing, creative design solutions, and photography services in Alberta. My goal is simple - to provide high-quality content that helps build meaningful connections. Whether it's through direct interaction or content creation, my aim is to connect people with people. You can rely on me for local SEO expertise, visual storytelling in Edmonton, or marketing copywriting. 


Let's collaborate and create something extraordinary together. Choose Dylanna Fisher Communications for all your communication needs, including comprehensive digital marketing solutions, effective content creation strategies, and reliable writing services tailored to local businesses in Edmonton and beyond.

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Original Photographs

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