Photo Misprints

Photo Misprints

Starting as a dark and contrasting image of Edmonton's streets, this photograph has turned into a rather psychedelic duotone image. Fitting into the aesthetic and mindset of creativitiy, this image is certainly distinctive. 


Misprints are unique photos made by accident. They are not mistakes but instead rare one of a kind accidents that won't repeat. 


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  • Photograph Specifications

    Due to differences in monitor and printer calibrations, colours may appear different in print than on screen.

  • Copyright Information

    All images are the property of Dylanna Fisher Communications Photography and may not be used, in any way, without prior written consent of the photographer.

    For use of any images from this site, simply contact me at to discuss the opportunity.

  • Frames

    Dylanna Fisher Communications is dedicated to limiting our impact on the environment by limiting the number of frames ending up in landfills. Each frame is obtained from second hand or recycled products.

    As each frame is unique from one another there isn’t a consistent specification for colors beyond the neutral tones of brown and black. Though each frame will be simple unless otherwise stated and shown.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us at