Published Works

Switching Styles; Online Music Publication

Since June 2017

Switching Styles is an online publication discussing the niche music of parodies, remixes, covers, medleys and mash-ups. It focuses on the unoriginal originals of the music world. Featured artists include Chetreo, Miche Fambro, Interactive Things, Mako Ray, and Marc Van Der Meulen.

Everything Sucks! Review
Published in The Griff 

February 2020

Everything Sucks! is designed to remind everyone of their time in high school and how awful everything about it was. The creators, Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan, have produced a relatable and quirky rendition of the high school coming-of-age story set in the ‘90s.

Phantom Thread Review
Published in The Griff

February 2020

Phantom Thread is a romantic drama, directed and written by Paul Thomas Anderson and released in 2017. Although two years old now, it’s a film that continues to be slightly perplexing.

Witchery Market
Published in The Griff

December 2019

Just off of Edmonton’s artistic Whyte Ave is the Acacia Hall, the venue for the Witchery Market. It all started with a witch and a faerie wanting a place for people to come.

From Airplanes To Apartments 
Published in The Griff

February 2020

Blatchford is a new community being built on 536 acres of land in the heart of Edmonton, where the City Centre Airport used to sit. This will be a neighbourhood different from any other in Edmonton, as the aim is for it to be entirely environmentally friendly.

Tainted Water
Published by Institute of Investigative Journalism

November 2019

During a summer fellowship, I worked with the Institute of Investigative Journalism to delve deep into the issue of lead in Canadian drinking water. Partnering with universities and media organizations from across Canada And The United States, we've uncovered the truth. Published articles appeared in Global, The Star,

If you live in Alberta, here’s what you can do to have your water tested for lead
Published in Global News

November 2019

In Edmonton, you can find your home’s year of construction by going to the city’s online property assessment map and entering your address. In Calgary, you can find your home’s year of construction by going online to the myProperty portal on the city’s website and searching your home address.

Edmonton residents have been drinking tap water with lead levels as high as 120 times the federal limit
Published in The Edmonton Star

November 2019

Some Edmontonians have been drinking tap water with lead levels as high as 120 times the federal health guideline over the last 11 years, according to data obtained for the first time.

Some Alberta daycares and schools may contain high levels of lead in drinking water
Published In Global News

November 2019

Thousands of children in Alberta are attending daycares and schools not knowing if they are drinking water contaminated with lead, despite warnings within the provincial government that these facilities should be monitored “to improve the health of children in Alberta.”

What do you do if you find lead in your tap water in Canada?
Published in Global News

November 2019

As many municipal and provincial leaders are rushing to defend their tap water as safe, some levels of government across the country are already taking action to get the lead out.

More Than A Piece Of Paper; How To Improve Your Resume & Cover Letter
Published in Foster Care HQ

October 2019

Laying on your desk or chilling on your desktop is your resume and cover letter. All of your experience and skills are summarized on a single piece of paper. But is it enough to get that dream job?

Edmonton’s Burlesque Speakeasy; Reviewing House of Hush’s ‘Fast and Loose’
Published in Burlesque Bitch

October 2019

House of Hush performs Burlesque's shows throughout Alberta Canada. They perform monthly speakeasy events hosted at Crash Hotel. Founded by LeTabby Lexington and Violette Coquette in November 2017, this dancing duo is approaching their two-year anniversary.

Creating Awareness of Suicide; The Story of The Semicolon Tattoos
Published in Toxic Dolls

February 2019

the semicolon is more than just an understated piece of punctuation. They’re also the iconic image of a mental health awareness and suicide prevention organization called Project Semicolon.

Locations for Industrial Photoshoot
Published in Toxic Dolls

September 2018

Industrial photography is photographs taken in settings with man-made structures of some kind in them. Concrete, brick, metal, synthetic materials making up urban structures of some form or another create the industrial setting. It makes a raw edgy photo for whatever you want to photograph.

Trending Body Modification
Published in Toxic Dolls

June 2018

In basic terms, body modification is when an individual deliberately alters their physical appearance. It’s a term typically applied to practices such as tattooing, or surgery, or branding or piercings. These styles aren’t anything new, people have modified their bodies for centuries for beauty, status, rebellion, and simply just individuality.

Canadian Amber Alert Infographic
Published In The 53rd Yeg

April 2019

Between 2003 and 2012, Canada issued 64 Amber Alerts involving 73 abducted children. Of those, 70 were recovered and returned safely.