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Marketing Graphics | Badb Catha Hexe | 2020

Marketing Graphics created by Dylanna Fisher for Starria Roe

As a marketing graphic designer, it is my responsibility to help Starria Roe launch their freelancing enterprises with eye-catching branding. Every company needs a distinctive visual identity since each serves a diverse audience. Starrio Roe's portfolio is meant to attract new customers and build a solid freelance business presence by showcasing her skills.

The project includes Badb Catha Hexe, three separate companies.

Badb Catha Hexe is a unique company that needs a unique brand. Alternative health, tarot readings, divination, and spiritual counselling are all included in the alternative medicine and advice service known as Badb Catha Hexe. The images will convey a sense of serenity, equilibrium, and spiritual enlightenment, encapsulating the company’s essence.

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